Lake Bunyonyi

This is one of the most adorable and romantic lakes in Uganda. It is located in the south-western part on the foothills of terraced Kigezi highlands. The name originates from the fact that there are many small birds on the lake which justifies it as the best birding site. The lake provides sights of hundreds of terraced hills, just like those of Nepal and a number of more than 29 islands which provides magnificent scenery.

The lake was formed by volcanic eruptions which took place about 8000 million years ago and blocked river Kabaga which formed a dam whose waters flew from the river and fill the valley to form the lake.

Lake Bunyonyi which is Africa’s second deepest lake and third deepest in the world is 900m below sea level. Swimming has been made possible since the lake is free of Crocodiles, Bilharzia and hippos.

The lake is also blessed with the coolest resorts which are favorable for leisure, adventure and relaxing but also provides a quick viewing of Kigezi and Virunga chain of mountains.


Bird watching.

The lake accommodates close to 200 bird types including those around the lake and many others. Some of the bird species include, Red- chested sunbird, African fish eagle, and grey-crowned crane. This activity is always done using either a motor boat, dug-out canoe or walking around the lake.

Batwa trail walk.

The lake’s neighborhood is home for the world’s shortest people who are commonly known as Batwa pygmies. A visit to these communities gives you the best memories of learning and fun.

They excite you through their ancient music and drama plus a delicious traditional food and much more. You just can’t fail to visit them during your trip to Lake Bunyonyi.


This is a new activity that was recently introduced in Lake Bunyonyi. Swing on the top of the country’s deepest lake. High ropes are connected between trees on the opposite shores of the lake and visitors swing from one point to the other over the waters. An adventure you need not miss while on your safari to Uganda!


This involves use of local boats and a pedal to traverse the lake. You get a chance of visiting some of the 29 islands with their beautiful terraces, coffee plantations and the Batwa communities. It can also become a great way of watching birds around the lake.


As you discover the beauty of this lake, enjoy doing the exercise of riding the bike to the nearby hills and valleys.


Enjoy fishing of some delicious Tilapia species. This is done using either nets or hooks for more fun. Boiling, frying and roasting are some of the options provided to create more memories after the day’s capture.

Hiking/Nature walk.

Hiking to some hills around the lake is a bit harder but exciting and it creates beautiful scenery while on top of the hills. Visitors are always accompanied by beautiful sounds of birds.


The lake is bilharzia, crocodile and hippo-free though it is recommended for every swimmer to have an experience because the lake is the deepest in the country.


The lake can be reached by road. When departing from Kampala Uganda’s capital city, it takes about 8-9 hours drive covering a distance of close to 420km. You can also choose to use the route from Kigali – Rwanda, crossing through Katuna boarder which takes about 3-4 hours.

When to visit Lake Bunyonyi.

The dry season which is between December and February and also June – September is the best time to visit Lake Bunyonyi; but nevertheless the lake can be visited the whole year.

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